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Around 2-3 special exhibitions take place in the LIMESEUM every year.

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Fallen out and selected - Roman gems from the forts Ruffenhofen, Dambach, Gnotzheim, Theilenhofen

Exhibition period: 02.06.22 - 27.11.22

Numerous Roman gems are known to have come from the forts at Ruffenhofen, Gnotzheim and Theilenhofen. Gems are precious stones about the size of a fingernail, into which small images have been carved in an artful and detailed manner, which were used for sealing and as decoration. These small stones can be found throughout the Roman Empire. They often fell out of place at some point and were rediscovered during excavations or as reading finds - including at Limes forts in Middle Franconia. The exhibition features around 100 particularly beautiful pieces. Large-format photos show the small details impressively.

Titelbild der Gemmen-Sonderausstellung: Gemme mit Maus und Hahnenstreitwagen

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