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  • Wednesday, 17. February 2021

The LIMESEUM is temporarily closed due to Corona from 02.11.2020 until at least the end of November.

You can still reach us by e-mail and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There and occasionally during the week by telephone - on +49(0)9854/979999242 - guided tours can still be booked for later dates.

Our current special exhibition

from 01.10.2020 - 14.03.2021


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Spot on! - Scenes of a roman city

Modern research assumes that there were about 2000 ancient cities in the former Roman Empire. Using archaeological objects and elaborately staged film scenes, the exhibition sheds light on life in a Roman metropolis.

The touring exhibition shows scenes from the life of a Roman metropolis using the example of the Moselle metropolis Trier, because Trier has all the facets of an ancient cosmopolitan city.

Archaeological exhibits and vivid illustrations focus on "snapshots" of Roman city life. A highlight of the show are short films which, in combination with original objects, tell the story of people from the big city.



Due to the current situation in 2020, public guided tours in the LIMESEUM will no longer take place.


Public guided tours in LIMESEUM 2021 (start: 11:00 a.m.)
For public guided tours, € 1.50 plus admission to the museum must be paid at the museum box office.

Please note current information on when guided tours can take place again in 2021.

Public guided tours are planned on:
- 10.01.
- 07.02.
- 07.03.
- 05.04. (Easter Monday)
- 09.05.
- 16.05. (hourly - Museum Day)
- 24.05. (Whit Monday)
- 06.06. (several times from 11.00 am, World Heritage Day)
- 13.06.
- 11.07.
- 08.08.
- 11.09. (18.00, long museum night)
- 12.09. (Open Monument Day)
- 03.10. (German Unification Day)
- 10.10.
- 07.11.
- 12.12. (last public tour 2021)

Private guided tours of the LIMESEUM can be booked via our contact form.






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