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Our current special exhibition

from 17.11.2018 to 05.05.2019




               Iuppiter, Iuno, Minerva. . .

                 The Romans had countless deities. 
                 There was at least one for every situation in life.
                 Who was in charge of what? 
                 How did the Romans speak to their gods? 
                 Why do Mercurius shoes have wings?
                 What's an owl doing on Minerva's shoulder?
                 What kind of wood are heroes made of? 
                 This and more to the Roman Gods answers
                 the special exhibition. 

                 Find out what Greek and  Roman deities. 
                 Experience the stories of Roman gods to active stations.
                 Discover the old worlds of the gods on coins, vases, gems
                 and have fun with cheeky images of gods.



Our next special exhibition
from 23.05.2019 - 20.10.2019

Romans. Power. Environment
Landscape use around the Roman Ruffenhofen

When the Romans founded the Ruffenhofen fort in 110 AD, they were the first to intervene extensively in the landscape. These changes will be illustrated by large landscapes, texts and finds.



Public tours of the LIMESEUM in German (Begin at 11 a.m.)

For public guided tours 1. 50 plus admission to the museum has to be paid at the museum box office.
















-08.12.2019 Last public tour 2019 

As a branch of the horticultural show "Nature in Wassertrüdingen 2019"; we offer further public guided tours at short notice, the dates can be found here.





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