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  • Saturday, 23. October 2021

The LIMESEUM is open again
  the usual times for you.

The current incidence values can be found at: 



Dear visitors,

We are pleased to welcome you to the LIMESEUM Ruffenhofen! Due to the current situation, please note the following points for your own protection and that of others:

The museum is open. If there are more than 35 new infections within seven days in the district, the 3G principle will apply indoors on a broad scale: only vaccinated persons, persons who have recovered or persons with a current negative coronary test will then have access to public facilities.
The current incidence value can be found at:

The 3G regulation has been applied in the district of Ansbach since 4 September 2021, i.e. museum visits only for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons with a
- PCR test, PoC-PCR test or a test using other methods of the nucleic acid amplification technique, which was carried out no more than 48 hours ago, or
 - a POC antigen test carried out 24 hours or less ago.

Please only enter the building if you do not have a fever and have not had contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

Please wear a medical mask when in the museum. If you do not have a mask with you, you can purchase one from us for €1.00 for the museum visit.
Please keep a distance of 1.5 m from other people.
You can submit your data via LucaApp or in writing using a data collection sheet.

Please disinfect your hands. There are dispensers with disinfectant in the entrance area, by the cloakroom and in several places in the museum.

For reasons of hygiene, a few stations in the museum cannot be used at present:

- the touch station
- the smelling station
- the dressing station
- the reading corner

We have developed an approximate tour of the museum with red arrows stuck to the floor so that you can more easily keep your distance from other visitors.

Despite the restrictions, we wish you a pleasant stay!

The team of the LIMESEUM Ruffenhofen



Our special exhibition:

Myth of the Wolf


Flyer Lupa 99x2101 Kopie5


The LIMESEUM, which opened its doors in 2012, was the first new Limes museum built in Bavaria since the Limes was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. Designed by the Munich architecture firm Karl + Probst, the round construction is optimally integrated in its natural environment. The wood and glass facade provides visitors with a constant visual connection between the themes and objects of the exhibits and the adjacent World Heritage property itself. This experience peaks with the view from the panorama window onto the fort in the Roman Park. The perspective enables us to understand the dimensions and layout of this archaeological monument.

The permanent exhibit in the LIMESEUM is a modern display of the portion of the Limes between Mönchsroth and Arberg, with a focus on Ruffenhofen. The concentration here is on a portrayal of life at the Limes as well as the topics of wood preservation, the military, and the daily life of civilians.

The soldier December, whose name has been found in sources from the Ruffenhofen fort, accompanies visitors throughout the museum with tales about his life in exhibits, audio stations, and a film. Children can experience day-to-day life at the Limes first hand at our activity stations.

The small café provides visitors with an area to relax. The multipurpose room can also be rented for lectures and external events in the evening (via contact).


1 Museum Café
2 entrance area
3 Use of quotations for Limes
4 Typical Rome!
5 A limit for Rome
6 Soldiers for Rome
7 Museum Cinema
8 Life in the vicus
9 Special exhibition area with panoramic window 





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